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Dear Valued Customer,
Please read the terms and conditions of the sale prior to booking on this website.

1. These Terms and Conditions Reservation

Richworks International Sdn. @ "Http://" offers products such as books, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, muffler, etc. online and offline for the convenience of its customers. To make a reservation at this website or at our premises means you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this page and follow the changes from time to time beginning on the date it is posted. You should review these terms and conditions each time you access this site as it is a condition that must be adhered to.

No contract is created between you (the Buyer, Customer) and us (Seller) until we get the information, and the receipt of your order and payment specified in the Invoice. We will contact you within one (1) - five (5) working days to confirm receipt of the payment. If you do not receive our email within this period, please contact us by phone or email. Once we receive the payment and confirmation thereof is made verbally or in writing then agreement was sealed and there is a legal contract between you and us.

2. Goods and Services

Items offered are subject to the existence of stock. If at the time you place your order, the stock has run out of an item, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will also suggest options. If you disagree, your payment will be refunded.

We reserve the right to make price changes from time to time. The purchase price shall be in the price at the time of booking.

Colors displayed on a computer screen usually are not the same as full color products.

The measurements described in the specification of a product that is not 100 percent accurate and is subject to the suitability of a product.

3. Payment

All payments must be made ​​in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
Payments for reservations made through this website should be done directly to any designated account.
Each card bookings must be made with full payment including the shipping cost. 

4. Shipping

Delivery period is from 14 working days and delivery will only be made ​​thereafter payment of the cost of delivery. Goods will not be sent as long as the cost is not paid shipping.

Shipping your goods is in accordance with the address given on booking. In the event of a change of address, the shipping cost may change. If this happens, you are required to pay the difference before delivery can be made.

For ease of delivery, we use a courier service POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet only. However, you may appoint an agent or by hand delivery to our office to pick it up.

We will provide Delivery Reference Number (Tracking Number) issued by POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet  to facilitate you to check with POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet  station near you or you can check it on the couriers' website

Delivery period depends on the transmission mode and destination. Shipping via POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet only takes between two to four working days to destination cities in Malaysia. However, this period may be longer if the destination is quite far inland. You should check yourself with your local POS Laju Malaysia to know more precisely about this.

5. Risk

Delivery are secured by POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet. However we cannot be held responsible for any damage and defects of the goods during the delivery process carried out by POS Laju Malaysia and SkyNet.

6. Warranty

All goods supplied by us are guaranteed to be in good condition in accordance with the specifications. Should there be any defects, please notify us verbally / in writing within 42 hours. We will endeavor to find a solution.

7. Cancellation Reservation

Cancellation of bookings can only be made if the delivery has not been implemented.